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Main Features


Other features

  • Receiving parcel
  • Consolidation Platform packages
  • Shipments in various modes (air, sea, etc) each with own rates
  • Invoicing
  • Control Collection
  • Parcel status update
  • And much more...

Quick guide on how to use this script

With Built In Auto Installer


  1. Unzip the contents of the zip file to a folder on your computer. You will find two folders, One folder contains documentation & another is deprixa pro.
  2. Upload the Entire deprixa pro folder to your website / server
  3. Now visit the uploaded location using your web browser to run the installer process. link example:
  4. Follow the instructions on screen to install deprixa pro.
  5. For security, Delete the install directory inside application folder.


Manual Install

Unzip the COURIER DEPRIXA PRO V3.2.4 folder to your server.

See how it connects to the database:

  1. Sample config file is available here- dashboard/config.sample.php . Rename it to config.php & put it in same location (/dashboard/config.php) Open config file using a text editor & Put the database info and url.
  2.  Import database. Database file is located here- dashboard/install/primary.sql.
    On Successful Installation, You will be redirected to Settings Page to change Username & Password.
  3. For security, Delete the install directory inside application folder.

Database Setting

Localhost:            This is your host server e.g localhost
Username:           This is your database username.
Password:            This is the password associated with your database. 
Database Name:   This is your database name.
Connection Type:  This is your database type which is mysql
Admin Username: This is the username to login to this app.
Admin Password:  This is the password to login to this app.




Installation Script   27 July 2017